I'm going to be honest, the name of this page isn't exactly right. It's meant more for my interests and having a dedicated page on this is pretty fun.

computer stuff: i am currently working on a personal ai with accessibility in mind, which has both voice and text input. also giving some free time to projects like txt in a bottle which is geniunely being used by many people! very happy about that. also writing some automation bash scripts for myself and people in various forums like macbb or reddit.

music: chvrches released their latest album 'screen violence' around 2 months ago and i am still not done listening to it from start to finish. so far i have listened to it 60 times(!) (at the time of writing), and i dont think i am done yet. other noteable music i have discovered this year is rainbow kitter surprise, sara kays, half an orange etc. visit my spotify and look for the playlist 'hang out' and 'puff' for 2021 stuff i liked.

reading: man, this year wasn't really my year for reading. although i did sneak in a couple books and the last book i read was walk it off, priness by david thorne. next book i have next to this computer is burning bridges to light the way by the same author. i am looking at the book with such joy, gonna start reading as soon as i am done updating this.

shows: show of the year for me ted lasso, no competition. sad that brooklyn nine nine ended this year. other shows i enjoyed this year is succession, gadget man, welcome to waikiki. rewatched office, new girl and 30 rock, as always. check out my tv watching profile here:

movies: FINALLY got to watch a movie in a theater!!! it was free guy and enjoyed it a lot. as for 2021 movies, no movie theater meant almost no new movies i watched. i am a sucker for rewatching movies way more times than i should have. old movies i rewatched a bunch of times: perks of being a wallflower, it's kind of a funny story, take me home tonight and a bunch more. check my letterboxd for more info:

personal: as for personal stuff, i think learned the most in this year. starting from developing website via react/node/express, to making restful apis via python to learning gui deveopment. i also got a lot of experience in open source contributing. i also started learning a bit more about data and data structures that i didnt get to learn when doing my bachelors. also started doing more work and projects in ai/ml space after doing my thesis on a ml topic.